Prepare for a jet fighter ride

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sept 302011

Learn how to prepare for a jet fighter ride so that you can enjoy the experience rather than being uncomfortable and terrified the entire time. In the fighter jet you will probably be moving faster than you ever have or ever will in your entire life, and that is something that your body will need to train for in order for you to have a decent time during the flight. You will be twisting, turning, and looping through the air at intense speeds that will give you an unforgettable experience.

To properly prepare to fly a jet fighter, you should get into good physical condition. You should work on running, stretching, weight training, and all kinds of body fitness. Focus on strengthening your core so that you can comfortably handle the intense twisting and turning in the air.

You can prepare for a fighter jet flight by getting your body used to the twisting and turning motions that you will be experiencing in the air. A great way to do this is by riding roller coasters. Although they move at much slower speeds than a fighter jet, they can prepare your body at a very basic level to get used to being jerked around in the air in ways that you are not used to.

You will need to get used to moving at very high speeds with extremely loud noise. There are programs that can train your body for this and allow you to prepare yourself for flight in a fighter jet or anything else that moves at such a high speed. You will need to get used to pulling several g’s in order to be fully prepared for a fighter jet flight.

Do simulations of fighter jet flights to get your mind and body ready for the real thing. Simulations may pale in comparison to the real experience, but they can really help prepare you for what you will be experiencing in a real fighter jet flight. Take the simulations seriously and try to imagine that it is the real thing and you will really help yourself out in the long run.

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